Maung Yu Py

Maung Yu Py was born in 1981 to Dr. Myint Soe and Daw Yee Yee Mar in Myeik, a significant port town known historically as Mergui situated on the coast of an island in the Andaman Sea in the extreme south of Burma. In fourth grade, he represented the children of his region at the Asia-Pacific Children’s Convention in Fukuoka, Japan. He earned a degree in law in 2006. He took part in IWP 2015 (International Writing Program) in Iowa, United States of America.

He has published four poetry collections: There is a New Map for that Little Island Town (2007), With the Big Television Turned On (2009), Prose Poetry (2014), and Drama (a series of 70 poems) (2016).
His poems, translated into English by ko ko thett and James Byrne, were featured in “Bones Will Crow: 15 Contemporary Burmese Poets (2013),” published by ARC Publishing(UK) and NIU (USA).
Plus his poems were featured in these poetry anthologies – Flowers of May 2008 (Nargis) (2012), 2014 Poem, Peace (2014), Contemporary Poems (15 Contemporary Burmese Poets) (2014), Seafood (with three native poets from Myeik) (2014), Double Poetry (collage with 42 young poets) (2015), 2015 Myanmar Poetry (2015), Myanmar Poems 100 (2015).