Mekong Kyaw Swar


Mekong Kyaw Swar (M_design) is a 21 year old graphic designer and illustrator specializing in the fields of logos, branding, signage, press, tee, packaging and more. Based in Yangon, he is currently working as a visual communication designer at NEX. He started working as an in-house graphic designer at Ooredoo Myanmar. Since then, he has been creating minimalistic, flat, clean, elegant, and creative designs. As a freelance designer, he offers design services to business of all sizes. He produces digital marketing campaigns and creates printed materials such as product catalogues, postcards, flyers and posters. Sometimes he sells his favorite artworks which will be seen on some humble mediums like T-shirts, posters and stickers, etc, for everyone who is interested in his. The Retroactive, which is founded by him and his enthusiastic friends, creates artistic products. Besides his specialization, he has to work with technology and visuals, from photography to digital art and many other things.