Min Htet Maung

A Buddhist and a Mon, Min Htet Maung was born in 1964 in Hpa-An, Karen State. His father is a mechanical engineer and his mother a nurse. Growing up in delta towns, he passed high school in Pathein, joined Yangon University and received BA (Myanmar). He has been writing poetry for magazines since 1983. Not only his poetry but his short stories, essays, literary articles and translations have appeared in various magazines including Moe Way, Shumawa, Pe Pu Hlwar, Cherry, Dagon, Myat Lay, Han Thit, Tharaphu, Padauk Pwint Thit. He worked as a chief editor in many monthly magazines and weekly journals for more than 20 years (since 1993 – 1994). Being a chief editor, he studied journalism in Thailand and Cambodia. In 2009 he was an IWP fellow of the University of Iowa, United States. He is the author of five poetry collections including one book of children’s poetry and his latest collection “A random turnaround” published in 2017. Besides he has translated more than fifty books of children’s literature. On World Poetry Day (2006), his poem “After the fool’s suicide” was awarded Poem of the Year Award by Myanmar E Book.