Moe Way

Photography - Thit Khat Eain

Photography – Thit Khat Eain

Born in 1969 in the village of Ywar-thar-aye, Nyaungdone township, Irrawaddy Delta region, Moe Way (Pen name of Sein Win) entered Burmese literary world in 1991 with a short story that was featured in the vastly popular and progressive literary magazine of that time, Moe Wai. His first solo collection of Modern/Khit Por poems, “The Length of a Strand of Hair”, came out in 1994 when he was already establishing a name for himself with his poems and short stories published in various literary magazines.
His poems were featured in “Manchaung La Yaung” (1995), “The Best of the Best Poems” featured in various magazines (1997), “10 Khit Por Poets” (1999), “The First Address” (2003), among others. His second solo collection of poems, “A New Model of Organic Life” (2002), was followed by a third, “Raw Material He Is And Fully Processed, Too” in 2010. In 2012, he went duo with Maung Pyiyt Min in their collection, “One Crow, Two Crows”.

His poems, translated into English by ko ko thett and James Byrne, have been featured in “Bones Will Crow: 15 Contemporary Burmese Poets” (2013) published by ARC Publishing (UK) and NIU (USA).

He has also participated in “World Voices: Myanmar Poets”, a firstever Singapore-Myanmar poetry event held in Singapore in August, 2013. Apart from running his own publishing house, The Eras, Moe Way is also one of the three editors of “Kabya Loka” (Poetry World), a quarterly quasi-poetry magazine.

He lives in Yangon with his wife and daughter.