Ne Myo Set Lu

“With pen name Thar Lu my poems were featured in periodicals. But I am not using this name anymore and my real name, Ne Myo Set Lu, will be my pen name from now on. It will also be used in my debut book of poetry that will come out somewhen. I am one of the youngest generation of Burmese poetry circle. When my poems were firstly published in magazines in 2013, most of the poems were all about popular political issues. That’s why they were chosen. Then I realized that I needed a change, so I changed the way of my poetry. Poetry is my favourite. I’d like to experiment and explore new things. To be honest, I want my poetry to be different from others, and I have been working on it. As I am young, I still don’t know how long I could live with poetry. For the rest of my life? Just a few years? Just a moment? Currently poetry, however, is still my essential. So I will keep on writing poetry.”

Ne Myo Set Lu (b-27.12.1994) is a poet born in Tavoy, Burma. His poetry has been featured in periodicals since 2013. He is one of the youngest generation of Burmese Poetry, and sometimes writes essays and short stories.