Stephan Erasmus

Stephan Erasmus is a practicing artist, curator and director of the Dead Bunny Society based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  His work is held in various collections: The Bibliotheca Alexandrina Alexandria, Egypt, Johannesburg Art Gallery and ABSA collection, to name but a few. He has participated in countless group and solo exhibitions across the country.

In his writing of love letters, Erasmus ‘samples’ text from various sources such as poetry, plays, music lyrics and biblical text as a starting point. The use of existing text is significant in that it becomes emotional triggers that exist in the public domain and has links to specific emotional conditions or events.

For Erasmus it is important that the selected text is transformed/translated into a visual format that breaks away from the act of reading or listening. Moving the reader into an experience of struggle and involvement in the dientanglement of the text and the significance of the selected encryption process.

The encryption/construction mimics a physical act of writing secret sorrowful love letters, sewing the letters together to become a web of words, in which the writer and reader can get lost in. Leading both into a self-created prison of words and the power of their meanings.

In his curatorial practice Stephan attempts to find new and interesting ways of engaging with artworks and combining the artworks into new and exciting exhibitions that deal with a variety of concerns.

Published: The Boof of the Dead Bunny, The Book of the Begotten