Stephen Cone Weeks

Stephen Cone Weeks, Canadian, was born in England in 1952.  He grew up in Canada, the USA and Germany.  His Grandfather was the American painter Marvin Cone (1891-1965).

After studying drawing and stained glass in Germany from 1968-72, Stephen Cone weeks returned to Canada where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in drawing and printmaking from the University of Windsor in 1976 (Board of Governors Medal).  A DAAD scholarship made it possible for him to study under Professor Rolf Sackenheim at the Art Academy of Düsseldorf where he became a Meisterschüler in 1978. He worked entirely on paper until he began doing his glass-drawings in 1997.  A kunst:raum sylt quelle Foundation grant in 2007 enabled his film project the curtain of can’t.

The titles of Stephen Cone Weeks’ exhibitions underline the narrative quality of his work: My Friends and Other Imaginary Saints 1982, Verängstigte Junge im Angriff mit Geschirrtuch 1986, Love, Trapped 1994, Toys for Doris 2004, Das Feuer am Waldesrande 2007, Lead, Kindly Light 2012, der Junge mit der Giesskanne 2016. He has exhibited extensively in Germany, but also in Canada and the United States.

Stephen Cone Weeks lives in Düsseldorf, Germany and in Como in Italy.