Thu Kim Vu

Thu Kim Vu graduated her BFA from Hanoi University of Fine Arts, Vietnam and her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, United States. Focus on line drawing, paper material and using temporary spaces, she had been working on different projects through traveling to create a new experience based on how her line drawing changing the atmosphere of each space. Vu has been participated in a number of residencies worldwide which contribute a great influence in shaping her works into many directions.

In 2008, Vu participated residency Program at Vermont Studio Center and New York Mills Regional cultural center, Minnesota. Her works was expanded to doodle drawing and combined with different paper construction setting dealing with emotional, mental as well as physical aspect of using lines, brushstroke as a method of meditation. In 2009, Vu came to Goyang National Art Studio, Korea and discovered a new dimension in her work experimenting with Korean traditional Hanji paper and expanding her brushstroke into an enormous scale larger than herself, creating spontaneous movement. At the same year, she also travelled to Sanskriti Kendra, India under the Unesco Aschbergh Fellowship, where the new colorful energy of the Rangoli inspired her works with papers. After that, Vu was working on a new project “WEBS” developing her residencies at Seven Below Art Initiatives and Djerassi in United States. In late 2010, Vu started a new exhibition at Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen in Germany, opening new ideas on how she de-forms the construction of spaces. In the year of 2011, Vu participated in three residencies: Mc Coll Center of Visual Art (USA), Rockefeller Bellagio Center (Italy) and Can Serrat International Residency (Spain). From these trips, she developed her new ideas in working with maps drawing on papers.

In the past three years, Vu was interested in Japanese culture and her studies of Washi paper leads her to new experimentation with paper sculpture and lighting based on her current experience in three residencies in Japan: Kamiyama Artists in Residence Program, Mino Paper Art Village and Sapporo Artist in Residence Program.

Recently, Thu has been an artist in residence in Johannesburg, South Africa sponsored and organized by Sylt Foundation. She became interested in the culture of Soweto and community works there.

Vu is based in Hanoi, Vietnam as a freelance artist.