Thynn Lei Nwe

Thynn Lei Nwe (b.1991) is based in Yangon, Burma. She studied Diploma in Fine Arts specialized in Painting at the Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore from 2012 to 2014. She usually work with different mediums including oil paintings and ceramics. Her recent works deal with the concept of creating an environment that never exists in real life, and to make it a part of her own imaginary world.

I have been asked over and over why I paint hybrids. And to every questioner, I asked “Have you ever get tired of looking at the same person in the mirror every morning? Or have you felt the same when you see the other people too?”

Because it happens to me a lot for years and my recent series are the progresses or a part of the solution for myself.

I started from pretending the people, family, friends, neighbours and those random strangers I pass by on the street, who are real hybrids in the way I want to see them.

I use painting as a medium to create an imaginary world where the people I know, including me, change every day, may be a plant today and a bird the next day. My imaginary people make me want to deal with people again. And it is fun to see new people living around me every day. For me at the moment, nothing is more joyful than to create something that will never exist in the real life and to live among them.