Way Khaun

Photograph – De Wathone Khat

Way Khaun (b-10.02.1968), whose real name is Kyi Soe, was born in Wine Maw, Kachin State. His parents are U Than Aung and Daw Kyi Khin. He received his BA (Burmese) from Mandalay University in 1994. His very first published poem with his former pen name Maung Lu Way (Myanmar Sar) was featured in Dagon Magazine (July Issue, 1987). His pen name became Way Khaun when a poem of his was published in Padaut Pwint Thit magazine (September Issue, 1995). His poetry has been published in numerous anthologies including Selection of Magazine Poems, The First Address, Khit Por Poetry-10, etc.

His debut book of poetry, Distantly Remote, was published by The Eras Books (January, 2016). From 2008 to 2013, he worked as the executive editor at Mandalay Icon magazine. He, with Zeyar Lynn and Moe Way, runs a quarterly magazine, Poetry World. He has been working as an executive editor at Hnin Si Phyu journal since 2014. He has been the Secretary 2 of the Union of Burmese Poets since 2016.